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Android Device Administrator - let Google control your cellphone

You can find the item My XPERIA in Sony XPERIA cellphones for some times, which enables you to encrease the chance of finding it. In case of unsuccessful searching, you can wipe the data remotely at least. The Google company runs a similar service, which I personally like it a bit more. The Android device administrator enables you to find, lock up and - in the worst case - to wipe your cellphone.
The installation is very easy and quick, you can find it in the Google Play Store for free. The setting takes only a few seconds and you will be rewarded with a increased protection of your cellphone. The app Android Device Adminsitrator can' t even guarantee you a 100% protection from the loss or theft. However, it manages to increase the chance of regaining of the missing cellphone substantially. The web interface is easy to use and you can find your cellphone from nearly anywhere if necessary. You can lock it up remotely to prevent someone from accessing the data in your cellphone. If necessary, you can wipe the cellphone directly. The app offers the same thing as the My XPERIA by the Sony Mobile company. Personally, I trust the Google company more and that' s why I finally stayed with this solution. Fortunatelly, I haven' t needed it so far and believe it remains the same. Which app do you prefer? Have you ever applied this function and with which result?

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