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The company Sony Mobile has a new chief executive officer.


I didn´t even believe it but it is so. Sony Mobile will have a new CEO as of 16 November, 2014. Mr. Hiroki Totoki is to became the new CEO and he will replace the present chief on his position, whom has been Mr. Kunimasa Suzuki. I know neither of them personally but I would like to believe it that Sony Mobile cannot have a worse CEO than it has been so far. So, logically we are going to be better off. The replacement will happen in mid-November.

On the other hand, when I see how there within the Sony corporation the directors transfer from one place to another without having had any visible results, I am a little frightened. I don´t state indeed, that I myself would manage this job better, but maybe such press conferences as it was this year at the trade fair IFA in Berlin, where I was downright bored…, will not appear any more. But mobile phones directly tempt to interactive presentation, while instead of that I received an endless monologue and several tens of stationary images. I only learned ex post facto when I was at home that the producer had introduced model XPERIA Z3 Dual. Do you think that the new chief executive officer of Sony Mobile will be better than his predecessor? We can have discussions about this topic on this forum. I personally take it positively – there is a decline of number of phones sold, producer has made a loss and a marketing support is weak so it can not be really worse any longer. At the same time the producer sells quality mobile phones and competitors certainly cannot be said to offer considerably better goods. The new CEO maybe support our project XPERIA, I´ll surely write him an e-mail…


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