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Google Maps 9.0.0 do (not) bring Material Design to Sony XPERIA phones

The Google Company started releasing a new version of the Maps application and it's another app which obtained user interface in Material Design style. Specifically with the Google Maps app you won't enjoy it much and if there wasn't for one of the buttons, you would search it without result. However this is logical, the maps app is about the quality of maps data, navigational functions and searching the points of interest; the design is less concerned...
Right in the beginning, I need to confess that I don't perceive the absence of Material Design as a fault, because I myself prefer a well-arranged map application and I admit that there is not much space for some attractive buttons. Using Google Maps 9.0.0 is very comfortable, their operations are fast and reliable, and I use also navigation very often. Despite I've already used many navigational apps, in most cases I go back to the Google Company solution in the end, because although it requires active data connection, I can watch the operation intensity for return, and in case of need avoid the problems. The more apps Google releases for Android 5.0, the more I'm looking forward to the new operating system version for Sony XPERIA phones. If Sony Mobile company fulfills the promise and releases the new version at the beginning of a new year, I will be very happy. How do you like Google Maps 9.00? You can discuss this topic on our forum and in case you haven't been offered the update yet, you can use this link to download the installation app file..


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