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Will company Sony Mobile offer only one main product in 2015?

For many years Sony Mobile company have been regularly introducing two main products during the year, which takes both advantages and disadvantages. But if we take a look at economic results of the company, it seems that this model does not work very well and maybe we can expect some modifications. Our favorite producer might introduce and put on the market only one main product in 2015, which will hopefully make their effort on that one single product bigger.
There were introduced 2 models to us in 2013, XPERIA Z and XPERIA Z1. Personally I perceive the difference between those two phones as very significant. This year producer introduced models XPERIA Z2 and XPERIA Z3, and producer focused mainly on details. Previous model will get most of the functions of XPERIA Z3 with anticipated update of operating system Android, which means that differences will be very small after. What advantages bring 2 main products in one year? It is a possibility to react to competitors and also a possibility to put into the certain phones the newest and qualitatively best components. On the other side, innovations are often very small and in addition main products lose their value very fast. If you buy iPhone 6 right now, you can still sell him very conveniently. For models XPERIA this is not that case and very frequent introducing of new models has it's contribution. My opinion? Personally I am on the side of introducing only one product in one year. Portfolio is varied enough for events happening during whole year. I can imagine XPERIA Z4 coming in March and in September XPERIA Z4 Compact, alternatively XPERIA Z4 Ultra. Producer has a potential to introduce 3 great phones in a year, which will not compete with each other. In current situation, models are competing, there are not many innovations and for example successor of XPERIA Z Ultra is missing. Personally I will add one more reason for this solution - With one main product in a year I will not have to solve which model to buy from Sony. In current situation I always hesitate when to break up a piggy bank and then I shake so as the phone becomes popular and for making sense for me to own of the certain phone . Would you welcome one main product in a year?


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