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Huawei in Spain presented its new smartphone Nova 9, what are the features and price

Yesterday, Huawei introduced its new smartphone Nova 9 in Spain. Nova 9 features and price have been announced. Huawei Nova 9, which is a phone especially for the young audience, has features that can attract the attention of young people. Huawei Nova 9 is based on stylish, innovative and dynamic features, aesthetic part and photography in the new device.
The Huawi Nova 9 finds two phones in stellar blue and iridescent tones, with an anti-fingerprint, non-slip black finish. It is also said to be ultra-light with a weight of 175 g and ultra-thin with a thickness of 7.77 mm.

The Huawei Nova 9 will come with a quad sensor, a conductive ultra-wide angle, a depth sensor with a bookeh effect and a very high resolution 50MP camera with artificial intelligence, accompanied by a macro. Among the innovations is that the sensor uses a Red Yellow Yellow Blue (RYYB) matrix, not RGB. In addition, because it is larger, more light enters and provides much clearer images. It also uses Huawei Fusion XD processor which brings wide spectrum colors. Also, the 32MP selfie camera has become a big deal and can be recorded in 4K with it.

The Huawei Nova9 battery will be 4200 mAh and will charge 60% of the device in 15 minutes with a 66-watt ultra-fast charge that allows the phone to charge in 38 minutes. It features a 6 nanometer Snapdragon 778 4g octacore.

Huawei Nova9 is available for pre-purchase on the Huawei website. Its price will be 499 euros.

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